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Deductible Waiver Plan

Cutting Edge Collision Center is offering it’s customers an optional deductible waiver plan which will pay their insurance deductible, should the customer’s enrolled vehicle be involved in a collision. By enrolling in this plan it is anticipated that customers will be able to increase their insurance deductible to either $500.00 or $1,000.00 and lower the insurance premium on the enrolled vehicle.


1. Customer must bring vehicle to Cutting Edge Collision Center for repair. No payments will be made directly to the customer or to any other repair facility.

2. The plan shall apply only to collision insurance claims and must exceed $1,000.00. The insurance company responsible shall pay the balance of the claim. The repairs must be performed in full according to the insurance estimate.

3. The plan does not apply to regular maintenance or repair items.

4. This plan is VIN specific and non-transferable. It is only valid if the insurance claim is filed under the name of the plan holder.

5. The plan is effective for as long as the plan holder owns the vehicle or for five (5) years, whichever occurs first. If vehicle is sold within three(3) years of contract purchase Cutting Edge Refinishing will give a 50% credit from original contract price towards the purchase of a new deductible waiver contract.

6. The plan payment is non-refundable except in the event the vehicle is a total loss. If the vehicle is totaled, the entire plan payment will be refunded in lieu of a deductible payment. Proof must be provided of total loss.

7. Customer indemnifies Cutting Edge Collision Center, it’s affiliates, heirs, representatives, employees of all responsibility relevant to this plan.

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I have read the terms and conditions of the Deductible Waiver Plan and fully understand it’s contents, and acknowledge retaining a copy thereof. I understand that my election of the waiver plan is voluntary and optional. I understand that this waiver plan is not an offer of insurance coverage.

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