Best of Tucson Body Shops for Dent and Ding Repair

There is nothing more frustrating than someone (who doesn't share that passion) parking a car so close that it makes it humanly impossible for them to get out without smacking your car. You know they whacked your car fender when they did, and the small ding in your car is testament to it! The good news is that small dents and dings are easily and inexpensively fixed. The question is; to whom do you go for Tucson dent and ding repair?

Of the many Tucson body shops, Cutting Edge blows away all competition!

The repair team at Cutting Edge Collision Center is comprised of masters of dent removal. They use the latest technology and know how to set your car's body back to the way it's supposed to look … flawless. Aside from bringing destroyed cars back from the dead, Cutting Edge can also make easy fixes like:

  • Dents
  • Dings
  • Scratches

However, this is usually done when the dents are larger than say, a couple of inches, or if the metal is creased or bent out of shape.

In the interest of our customers’ financial wellbeing, we want you to know the truth about dents and dings. If there is a damage to your vehicle’s exterior that is less than the size of a quarter, and the metal is not creased or folded, then you would be better off to seek the services of a paint-less dent repair specialist. Cutting Edge would be happy to refer one of these services to you. However, if the dent needs metal work, then Cutting Edge is the place to come. We will repair the area and paint over it to make it look as good as new. Precisely matching the color of a new paint job to an existing paint that has been sitting in the weather for years can be difficult. Even the minute details, like the pressure of the paint gun, can cause variations of color shades. For this reason, just painting the panel that is damaged will not suffice. The adjacent panels should painted as well, utilizing a blending effect to mask the fact that repairs have recently been made.

When it comes to scratches in your vehicle’s exterior finish, there is a little trick to determine if the dreaded "white line" can be buffed out, or if you need to repaint the area. If you run your fingernail over the damaged area and it catches in the scratch, most likely you will need to have the area repainted, and we will be happy to do it. If your fingernail glides over the area without catching, there is about a 90% chance that it can be buffed out, which we can also do for you.