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At Cutting Edge Collision Center, we know how great an auto body restoration project can be. There is something about going onto the patio, into the garage, or wherever you may keep your project car. Tinkering with whatever you happen to be working on that day can be a joy. There is a sense of satisfaction. This comes along with making something old look pristine and new again.
Yet, we also understand that proper auto body restoration is a very difficult process. This requires a great number of special tools and specific skills. There are roadblocks that you might encounter, and there will be things that seem a bit too advanced. That’s where we come in.
At Cutting Edge, we have all the knowledge, tools, and professional skills to bring your old car back to life. We can work with you to make sure that your auto body restoration project goes according to your vision. Make your end product a real head-turner.

Cutting Edge Collision Center is the one-stop auto body shop for Tucson auto restoration. We spare no details when restoring any automobile. Not only do we make cars look brand new again, but we also do so in an ecologically-sound manner. As an example, we “blast” your car’s surface using crushed walnut shells for the blast media. This product has no negative effect on the environment. By completely removing the old finish, we can start from scratch and ensure that the new finish is top notch. We make sure its application is correct. This allows us the confidence to warranty our work for as long as you own your vehicle.

Here are just a few basic things that must be done to fully and properly restore a vehicle:

  • Strip down the paint, both inside and outside to the bare metal
  • Sandblast or replace any panels that appear to be rusty or worn
  • Prime the parts and make sure there is no settled dust on the exterior
  • Remove floor and door panels, cleaning them with a solvent and assuring proper functionality
  • Take out the old seats and upholstery and replace them as needed
  • Clean or replace all small working parts, such as door handles, glove box buttons, sun visors, etc.
  • Apply a finish that is historically original, or a color that fits your taste

Many do not realize that when a vehicle undergoes proper restoration, the body must be completely taken apart and reassembled two to three times. This allows us to paint all of the intricate areas, such as the floorboards, the inside of the doors, etc. Taking the vehicle apart and putting it back together also allows us to match up the joints and seams where panels meet panels. When we restore a vehicle, we ensure that it leaves our shop in the same, if not better, condition than it originally left the factory.

Happy Customers

“I had asked Hegarty insurance to recommend a reliable shop to go too as I had several outstanding issues. Jenny and Mike could not of been more welcoming, detailed, professional, timely and above all trustworthy. This isn’t just the best Garage/repair shop experience I have had it’s one of the best experience I have had with any business. Highly recommended 10 out of 10.”

Terrence Heflin-Connolly

We had a traumatic accident with our motorhome while traveling in Texas. Fortunately it was drivable and we eventually got back to our lot near Tucson. After much research, we decided on Cutting Edge for our repair, and we are glad we did! They were professional thoughout the whole process. Everything was explained clearly, we felt truly looked after, and our RV came out looking like new! They are great people to work with and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final result. Check out the before and after photos. Highly recommend!

Richard Offutt

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