Collision Repair Tucson Residents Can Trust

When you're involved in an automobile accident, it can be very traumatic. The sound of the brakes screeching, the horrible crunching noise and the jolting you body takes at the time of impact can have a pretty stressful effect on your brain. The first and foremost concern you should have is that you and the others involved are unharmed and that the proper authorities are notified. However, many times the human mind goes a little haywire when there is an accident, and thinking clear is not always an automatic response. Cutting Edge, the premier collision repair Tucson has understands this, so we do all we can to help each customer through the intricate details that must be attended to as your vehicle is getting repaired, making it as easy on them as possible.

Best Collision Repair Tucson has available provided by Cutting Edge Collision Center.

If you're involved in an accident, we will receive your car into our shop and start the procedures that very few are familiar with, so that you don't have to. We will arrange a rental car for you and have it delivered right to our shop. Our goal is to take any additional stress off of you. Our technically advanced Tucson body shop will do whatever it takes to assure your comfort and convenience.

At Cutting Edge, we work with all of the insurance companies to make sure that when you're involved in an accident, the transition and repair is seamless. At the time of the crash, the insurance company will most likely refer you to certain body shops with which they are familiar.These shops do not need to send an adjuster out to asses the damage thus the insurance company saves money. However, the reality is that you can choose whatever shop you wish to utilize, and the insurance company is obligated to send out an adjuster to inspect your vehicle and work along with the body shop of your choice.

We will meticulously go over the damage with you and present you with your options. We use a computerized system to assess the damage and what it will cost to repair it. This is the same program the insurance companies use, so that we're always on the same page with them.

Properly restoring a car back to its pre-crash condition requires more than just making it look pretty. Our skilled team of technicians goes over your vehicle with a fine toothcomb in order to make sure your vehicle is back in tip-top condition. Here are a few of the things we do:

  • We make sure the repair is thorough and in compliance with the manufacturer's standards.
  • We assure that the team working on your car is made up of individuals that have up-to-date training in the latest materials, technology and equipment for the best results of your repairs.
  • We use only the best replacement parts and products to bring your vehicle to its restored condition.
  • We provide the customer a thorough examination of the car, along with a test drive to insure that it meets the expectations and standards of the customers before it's turned back over to them.

Cutting Edge is a small, independently owned shop. We are not a large conglomerate with multiple locations, so it's critically important to us that every repair we make is of the highest quality and workmanship. We want our good reputation to precede us. We work in a cooperative fashion with both the vehicle owners and the insurance companies to assure that they are both happy with the outcome of the repairs. Oh, and in addition to working on standard vehicles, we also repair and restore RVs and big rigs.