What Is Single-Stage Auto Paint? 

A quality paint job can elevate even the most neglected vehicle into a head-turning showstopper. While most modern car manufacturers and body shops use two-stage paint to restore cars and trucks, vehicles from 1980 or earlier typically have single-stage paint. What is single-stage auto paint? At Cutting Edge Collision Center, one of Tucson’s best auto paint […]

What Causes Spray Paint to Wrinkle?

Spray paint is a quick and easy way to give almost any surface a fresh look. Whether you’re repairing damage or transforming an old object with a new paint color, using the proper techniques to apply the paint ensures a smooth, durable finish.  As the leading source for trusted auto painting in Tucson, Cutting Edge Collision […]

What Is Auto Paint Correction and How Does It Work?

What is auto paint correction, and does your car need it?  A brand-new car is a sight to behold with its pristine interior and sparkling factory coat of paint. Over time, though, cracks and swirls form in the paintwork, making you wish you could get back that “new car” look the vehicle once had.  As […]

Transforming Rides With Custom Painted Wheels 

When it comes to customizing your car, you’ve thought about changing the color of your car’s body, but why not paint the wheels, too? If you want to create a unique finish for your wheels and ensure your car stands out from the crowd, consider a custom paint job for your wheels. As a top-rated auto […]

How to Protect Car Paint in Winter: 7 Tips

Your car’s paint job gives it character and makes it stand out on the road, but what happens when that paint chips? Outdoor elements like snow and ice really do a number on car paint, which makes maintenance a must. One of Cutting Edge Collision Center’s services is a top-notch auto painting shop in Tucson. […]

Can Acid Rain Damage Car Paint?

Do you see oddly shaped damage to your car’s paint? You’re probably wondering, “Can acid rain damage car paint?” Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about acid rain and your car, including how to prevent the damage. As the leading auto painting shop in Tucson, Cutting Edge Collision Center is passionate about keeping […]

The Dangers of Using Paint Thinners on Cars

Are you looking to repaint your car and give it a brand-new look? You might consider using a paint thinner to get the appropriate consistency. However, paint thinners contain harmful solvents that can put your health and others at risk through short and long-term exposure. Learn about why using paint thinner on a car is […]

What Causes Paint To Blister on a Car and How To Fix It?

It’s not uncommon to find small bubbles appearing beneath the coat of paint that makes your car look so attractive. Fortunately, this blistering is fairly easy to fix. However, there are also a few ways that vehicle owners can prevent it from happening in the first place. Here, Cutting Edge Collision Center explains what causes […]

Five Best Colors to Paint a Car

Knowing which colors to paint a car in can be more complicated than you realize at face value. It involves more than just choosing the first color that comes to mind. In fact, your car’s market value, paint type, vehicle model, and many other things will factor into this decision.  In this guide, Cutting Edge […]