Car Wrap vs. Paint: Which is the Better Option?

Vehicles with standard paint jobs are common, but many people want something that makes their car stand out. If you want a unique car, compare the options of a car wrap vs. paint.  The auto painting experts in Tucson at Cutting Edge Collision Center offer cosmetic vehicle upgrades, including paint jobs, car wraps, and everything in between. […]

What Paint to Use on Alloy Wheels

Painting your car’s wheels is an easy and cost-effective way to make your vehicle look new again. Using proper paint is essential to optimize your cleaning process if you have alloy wheels. Paints designed for aluminum surfaces will remove any blemishes from your wheel and protect it from the elements. At Cutting Edge Collision Center, […]

Repairing Sun-Faded Car Paint: A Definitive Guide

Whether you realize it or not, there are sun-faded cars all around you. Some think it’s inevitable–when you own a car for a long period of time, the sun is going to eventually fade the paint surface.  More often than not, your car’s paint fading isn’t as much about the color degrading as it is […]

What Is the Purpose of Racing Stripes on a Car?

Racing stripes on a car add a unique, sporty touch that grabs the attention of onlookers. While most people associate them with sports cars, they can give any model a flashy accent. You can easily add them to your vehicle with a custom paint job at our auto painting shop in Tucson, AZ. But where […]

What Does an Auto Paint Sealer Do?

When you schedule quality auto painting in Tucson, you want the beautiful results to last and your car to look flawless. Within the world of automotive detailing, you’ll hear terms like sealers, polish, wax, and coatings that sound similar. However, these choices for making your car shine differ in their makeup and durability. Vehicle owners often […]

Can You Paint Over Existing Auto Paint?

Does your car have scuffed paint or a body panel that’s a different color? Are you tired of your car’s paint color? If you are considering repainting it, you might wonder if you can repaint it while leaving the original coat of paint in place. Our team at Cutting Edge Collision Center knows that auto […]

6 Types of Auto Paint and What Are the Differences

In today’s market, there are many types of auto paint available. When choosing auto paint, you should consider the following factors: the type of finish, budget, and resources. Cutting Edge Collision Center provides reliable and trustworthy auto painting services in Tucson, and we can help you choose the right type of auto paint. Our trained technicians […]

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?

With daily wear and tear, dings, and scratches, your new car could quickly look less-than-new if you don’t protect its paint. Paint protection film is a clear urethane cover that auto body shops install over your car’s paint to prevent depreciation and protect the vehicle’s surface. However, new vehicle owners often wonder, “Is paint protection […]

7 Common Mistakes When Restoring Cars That You Should Not Commit

Car enthusiasts have been around for over a century. Many auto hobbyists appreciate classic cars’ beauty, exclusivity, and value. Restoring cars can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, but restoration projects are far more extensive than they seem. Attempting to restore your car by yourself can quickly become overwhelming the further you progress. Serving Arizona since […]