Aluminum Boat Repair

Aluminum Boat Repair Aluminum Boat Repair. Boats, in general, require a lot of maintenance, especially aluminum boats in seawater. The salt content causes damage and excessive wear and tear. If you are experienced in the nuances, you can do most of the repairs yourself. However, the metal is quite strong and also lightweight. These boats […]

The Complete Guide to Boat Restoration

Pontoon Boat Restoration Brand new pontoon boats cost between $18,000 and $60,000, depending on features, engine, size, and build quality. Repairing and restoring an old boat may be one of the most affordable ways to get you a new one. While it may not cost much, it will take everything you have in sweat and […]


The cars in the early days of motoring were pretty boring and mainly off the peg. There weren’t many differences between manufacturers. As a result, luxury car owners who wanted to stand out had the body customized or sometimes completely re-bodied. Coachbuilding is a lost art form that died out before the world war. However, […]

RV Body Repair

Did you know that, unlike a car that comes out of a robotic assembly, an RV is probably handmade in manual assembly lines? With so many running parts, it is finicky at best. With RVs being a pretty significant investment, you want any repairs that arise, especially a collision repair, appropriately done at the right […]

How Long Does a Bumper Repair Take?

Bumper Repair After an accident, when it comes to repairing your car in a garage, the most commonly popped question in your mind remains, “how long will the repair take?”. This question might seem pretty straightforward to anyone, but the truth is that even small repairs could have lots of variables to take into account. […]

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

A study by the Energy Savings Trust, operating costs and fuel costs fall by 10% and 15%, respectively, through proper fleet maintenance. Vehicles are the most critical asset of any fleet. Those in good operating conditions make the difference between success and failure in a business. With a proactive preventive maintenance approach, you not only […]

Collision Repair

Collision Repair. Did you know that there are 16,438 car crashes happening per day in the US, resulting in 37,000 deaths every year? While not all accidents cause serious injury, they can be scary and overwhelming, especially if your car has taken a big hit. The uncertainty of the whole situation can be distressing. But […]

How Much Does Auto Body Repair Cost?

Auto body damage happens without warning, and that doesn’t make it any easier to identify the best place to get it fixed. Once you find dents or problems in your paint or auto body, finding the right repair shop is vital. Auto body shops assess body damage based on different factors. Before the repair process […]

Tucson Auto Body Repair Shops Must Have a Website to Succeed

Cutting Edge, a Tucson auto body repair shop, is a leader in the auto restoration and repair industry. As a leader, we must set the bar for all of the other Tucson shops. In this day and age, it is difficult to see a business succeeding without a proper website. We at Cutting Edge are […]