Does your car have scuffed paint or a body panel that’s a different color? Are you tired of your car’s paint color? If you are considering repainting it, you might wonder if you can repaint it while leaving the original coat of paint in place.

Our team at Cutting Edge Collision Center knows that auto painting requires special techniques, materials, and skills. 

So, can you paint over existing auto paint? The answer is it depends on the type of paint, how you are applying the paint, and where you apply the paint to.

For example, if the paint is in good condition, you should be able to paint over it using a paint sprayer. First, apply primer or undercoat, let it dry, and then sand it in preparation for the base coat. Once the base coat has dried for about a half-hour, apply a second coat of paint. 

The best way to get guaranteed stunning results is with auto painting by Cutting Edge Collision Center. Keep reading to learn more about painting over existing auto paint.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Repainting a Car

To answer the question, “Can you paint over existing auto paint?” you should consider what will happen if you try repainting your car. You can avoid common mistakes by anticipating problems that could ruin your new paint job.

First, don’t forget to put tape over areas adjacent to where you will be painting. Avoid getting paint on the windows or nearby body panels if you only paint one part of the car.

A fresh coat of paint on a car, or anywhere else, will only stay in place if the paint can attach to a secure foundation. If your paint is peeling, cracked, or rusty, the new coat of paint might flake off along with the old paint and rust. Also, avoid covering your car in multiple layers of paint.

 Painting Over Automotive Clear Coat

Clear coat is a protective layer that auto painters apply to protect a car’s paint. As such, you cannot paint over this coat. Painting over an automotive clear coat will leave to subpar paint job since the paint cannot adequately adhere to the surface. 

Fortunately, you do not have to remove the entire layer of clear coat to repaint your car. If your car has a clear coat, simply scuff the area you want to paint. This promotes better paint adhesion, allowing you to successfully repaint your vehicle without the hassle of removing the automotive clear coating.

Get High-Quality Car Painting From Cutting Edge Collision Center

Our paint pros at Cutting Edge Collision Center take pride in helping car owners across Tucson with their automotive paint jobs. We can answer questions beyond “Can you paint over existing auto paint?” such as, “Is paint protection film worth it?” and “How can I get my paint to last longer and prevent rust?”

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