When you schedule quality auto painting in Tucson, you want the beautiful results to last and your car to look flawless. Within the world of automotive detailing, you’ll hear terms like sealers, polish, wax, and coatings that sound similar. However, these choices for making your car shine differ in their makeup and durability.

Vehicle owners often want to protect their vehicle’s exterior and wonder, “What does auto paint sealer do?” Please read this short guide to learn more about an auto paint sealer and its related options, and give Cutting Edge Collision Center a call at 520-339-6901

What Is a Paint Sealer?

Paint sealers are synthetic products that come in liquid, paste, or spray. The simple answer to “what does auto paint sealer do?” is that it protects the surface of your car and the top paint layer. It often lasts longer than wax due to chemical bonding with the vehicle’s exterior.

Sealers combat anything damaging a vehicle’s exterior, such as acid rain, UV rays, brake dust, dirt, droppings, bugs, and tree sap. Auto paint sealer leaves a mirror-like shine and a “hard” look, so many people pair sealers with wax to enjoy both products. A paint job will last longer and look newer with a sealer’s protective layers.

Paint Sealers vs. Waxes

Waxes combine with other solutions to create a liquid you can apply to your vehicle for a glossy show-stopping look. Many drivers favor sealers instead of wax because dishwashing liquids can easily wash away wax, which doesn’t last as long. Both products are simple to use, and a hybrid wax sealant exists to combine the best qualities in one.

The most popular wax in the automotive industry is Brazilian Carnuba’s, which fills in small cracks and scratches. Automotive detailers expect a wax job to last a maximum of two months if the product is quality.

Paint Sealers vs. Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are a great way to protect brand-new vehicles and are a thin indestructible layer on the exterior. Paint sealers last longer than wax, but you can remove both with the correct chemical products. However, once you place a ceramic coating on your car, it isn’t going anywhere.

The application process for ceramic coatings is more complicated than the other two. You have only one chance to apply it correctly, and the mistakes will be evident and permanent due to the coating’s durability. Applying ceramic coatings yourself isn’t the best choice because there is no guarantee you will love your results, so a professional autobody shop is the best bet.

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