What Happens When You Have a Totaled Car?

When the cost of repairing a car exceeds the value of the car’s worth, the insurance company will declare the vehicle as totaled. An insurer may also declare a car a total loss if it cannot safely repair it. Arizona state considers a car totaled when the damage exceeds 70% of its current value. Get […]

Four Hidden Car Problems After Rear-End Collision

No one likes to be involved in a car accident. Accidents take a toll on you physically, mentally, and in your pocketbook. So, when it comes to rear-end collisions, most car owners are willing to shake hands and walk away. Car problems after rear-end collisions are more common than most car owners realize. It is […]

Can You Sandblast a Car: Why Hire a Professional?

When restoring an old vehicle in Tucson, AZ, you may notice a large amount of corrosion on the car body, most likely caused by environmental damage or age. Removing old paint, rust, grease, and oil is crucial in the restoration process. Resurfacing the car body helps new paint jobs adhere evenly and produce a glossy […]

Automobile Scratch and Dent Repair

There’s nothing worse than having your car scratched. Unfortunately, most times, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can be as careful as you wish but, you cannot account for other motorists barging in. Or freewheeling shopping carts in parking lots. Even hail can be untold damage to your vehicle. Dents and scratches can […]

How to Polish Clear Coat Paint

The clear coat is a type of paint that is pretty durable and resistant to scratching. It’s most often used on cars since it can withstand any weather conditions. However, it also has other benefits. For example, it provides a smooth finish so your car looks shiny. The more you drive your car, the more […]

Glow-in-the-Dark Paint for Cars

Do you often have trouble finding your car in the dark? If so, glow-in-the-dark paint may be the answer. This type of paint absorbs ultraviolet rays during daylight hours and then re-emits them at night. This means that anything painted with glow paint will glow after dusk! Glow-in-the-dark paint is luminous paint that emits a […]