When it comes to customizing your car, you’ve thought about changing the color of your car’s body, but why not paint the wheels, too? If you want to create a unique finish for your wheels and ensure your car stands out from the crowd, consider a custom paint job for your wheels.

As a top-rated auto painting shop in Tucson, we offer an extensive range of auto services, including custom painted wheels. Learn about this unique way to step up your car’s style, including advantages you might not have considered.

Custom Painting Vs. Powder Coating for Wheels

When you decide to invest in custom wheels for your car, you have two primary options: custom painting and powder coating. Generally, custom painting offers various color and design options, while powder coating boasts a more resilient finish better suited for a single color.

Benefits of Custom Painted Wheels 

Painting your wheels comes with so many opportunities to put your own personal spin on your car’s design. You can choose two or more colors for your perfect wheel design. Additional stylish design options include opting for a matte, gloss, or satin finish or leaving some visible wheel texture. 

Let’s take a look at other reasons why painting your wheels is a great choice.

Aesthetic Appeal 

Custom painted wheels give your car an attention-grabbing, fresh look. With custom painted wheels, you can choose almost any color or shade you want. Add a secondary accent color or custom-paint your whole wheel to color-match your car — the choice is yours!

Improved Car Value 

One of the first things a prospective car buyer will see when checking out a vehicle is the rims. If you plan on selling your car, new wheel paint will give a positive first impression, potentially increasing the car’s resale value.

Affordable Way To Give Your Car a New Look

New wheels can cost a small fortune. If you’d like to save some money, custom painting your wheels creates the same impact at a pocket-friendly cost — and with endless customization options. Custom-colored wheel paint can update an old wheel design without breaking the bank.

Protection for Your Wheels 

Wheels go through plenty over the years. Potholes, dirt and debris, curbs, and even harsh weather conditions can gradually damage and corrode your wheels. Wheel painting provides a protective barrier against the elements and gives them a new lease on life. 

A high-quality paint job gives your wheels complete coverage. The coverage improves the appearance of the wheels while also protecting the rims from damage.  

Cutting Edge Collision Center | Custom Color Wheels in Tucson 

Look no further than Cutting Edge Collision Center for a flawless outcome on your custom wheel paint. Our high-tech equipment and expertise make us the ideal choice for all your custom auto painting and bodywork. 

We’ll customize your wheels with high-quality finishes in any color(s) of your choice. Call our friendly team at Cutting Edge Collision Center in Tucson, Arizona, at (520) 339-6901 to get started on your custom painted wheels project or learn how to protect your car paint in winter.