Your car’s paint job gives it character and makes it stand out on the road, but what happens when that paint chips? Outdoor elements like snow and ice really do a number on car paint, which makes maintenance a must.

One of Cutting Edge Collision Center’s services is a top-notch auto painting shop in Tucson. Below, these professionals have put together some tips on how to protect car paint in winter to keep your new paint looking fresh as long as possible.

#1 Wash Your Car Often

There’s a common misconception that washing your car is an aesthetic practice, but clean paintwork is also non-negotiable for maintenance purposes. Regularly cleaning your car removes mud, sand, and road salt, corrosive substances that chip away at the paint.

It’s also important to use the proper materials when washing your cash if you want to keep the color intact. A soft sponge and high-quality car shampoo remove debris without harming the paint job.

#2 Apply a Wax Coating

Protecting your car with wax coating is another way to keep your paint from chipping. Wax acts as a barrier between your car and the outside elements. It also keeps ice and salt from touching the car’s exterior.

#3 Park Inside When Possible

One of the best winter car care tips is to park inside whenever possible. Parking under the cover of a garage keeps your car out of the harsh elements. Even parking under a carport reduces the amount of snow, ice, and dirt that lands on your car’s paintwork.

#4 Use a Car Cover When Parking Outdoors

Do you know how to protect car paint in winter when you can’t park inside? Parking under cover or inside a garage isn’t always possible. If not, try covering your car with an outdoor car covering that keeps debris from landing on your car’s surface and the paint safe from abrasive matter.

#5 Remove Snow Right Away

It’s not a fun task, but it’s best to always remove snow from your car’s bodywork as soon as possible. Leaving snow on the paintwork makes the car vulnerable to chipping and rusting. Just use soft brushes to gently wipe the snow off the surface of your car after each outing.

#6 Patch Up Spots

Are there chips or cracks in the paint? Don’t leave them too long. Chipped paintwork exposes the underlying metal, which lets winter’s wet snow and ice in to cause rusting.

#7 Use Paint Protection Film

Similar to waxing, paint protection film creates a helpful barrier between your car’s paint and ice, snow, or sleet. Auto specialists apply a protective film to a portion of the car or the entire surface for added protection throughout the winter.

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