Knowing which colors to paint a car in can be more complicated than you realize at face value. It involves more than just choosing the first color that comes to mind. In fact, your car’s market value, paint type, vehicle model, and many other things will factor into this decision. 

In this guide, Cutting Edge Collision Center discusses five of the best automotive paint colors on offer. As a team that provides some of the best auto painting in Tucson, Arizona, our aim is always to help our clients pick the perfect colors to give the car a unique aesthetic. So, read our list below, in no particular order, and call us when you’re ready to go!

#1 Silver or Gray

If you want to hide imperfections and dirt well, you can either opt for metallic paint or go with silver for your car. Silver, in particular, maintains an appealing shine, but gray can also look timeless and beautiful on the right model of vehicle. Both colors are sure to help with the car’s resale value, whether the buyer is interested in everyday driving or luxury.

#2 Black

Visit any busy area in North America, and you’ll find black cars everywhere. It’s still one of the most popular vehicle colors, as it looks good on everything from sports cars to SUVs. And as staples in the automotive industry, black cars offer excellent resale value.

#3 White

On the other end of the spectrum, white cars entice potential buyers and are easy to maintain. It doesn’t show as many dings and scrapes and looks gorgeous. It also won’t heat up as fast and looks newer for longer.

#4 Red

While some shades of red require a special order, it is a classic car color that many drivers love. Red looks amazing on a sports car, dazzling in the sunshine. However, red also suits everyday vehicles, which is why it’s still one of the top colors to paint a car.

Since there are limited red vehicles, they could make more money on resale. They need more exterior maintenance as dirt and dust accumulate, but they’re worth it.

#5 Blue

Many people choose cars colored with cool and calm hues, making blue ideal for anyone wanting to appear confident and collected. Blue also evokes positive feelings and can make your car stand out for potential buyers.

However, you should take caution when choosing the right shade of blue; some get dirtier than others. Lighter blues are often more appealing and easier to maintain. It also pays to learn what damages car paint so that you can keep your vehicle in top condition for as long as possible. 

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