Painting your car’s wheels is an easy and cost-effective way to make your vehicle look new again. Using proper paint is essential to optimize your cleaning process if you have alloy wheels. Paints designed for aluminum surfaces will remove any blemishes from your wheel and protect it from the elements.

At Cutting Edge Collision Center, we provide professional auto painting in Tucson. Our team wrote this guide to explain what paint to use on alloy wheels, helping you learn more about different types of paint. When you’re ready to give your vehicle a new paint job, call us at 520-339-6901.

Dupli-Color HWP104 Black High Performance

This paint is perfect for restoring your black alloy wheels. It provides a superbly smooth finish that will make any wheel surface shine. In addition, it’ll blow you away with its ability to remove chips and scratches.

If you’re interested in giving your wheels anti-peeling and flaking protection, this paint can also do that. Dupli-Color is known for making its paints as multi-functional as possible. However, you’ll still need a clear coat and primer to ensure your paint stays on.

Dupli-Color EBNS05627-6 Perfect Match

Not sure what paint to use on alloy wheels? Look no further than the Dupli-Color EBNS0527-6 Perfect Match. Few paints blend quality and affordability like this offering from the professionals at Dupli-Color.

This splendid paint from the experts at Dupli-Color works perfectly for a wide range of cars. However, in particular, Nissan drivers rave at how well it fits their Super White wheels. It provides a smooth, matte finish that will cover up any blemishes and marks.

VHT SP187 Gloss Black

VHT’s Gloss Black Wheel Paint is an ideal option for car owners looking to protect their wheels from temperature damage. It is heatproof up to 900 degrees! You’ll also be thrilled with its ability to keep your wheels dust, salt, and sand free. 

Due to its additional features, this paint does cost more than its competitors. It can also struggle to produce a consistent, holistic surface finish. However, the VHT Gloss Black wheel paint is an excellent option for car owners looking for premium black paint.

Rust-Oleum 248927 Automotive High Performance

Rust-Oleum has a reputation for its quality products. That’s why car owners everywhere rave about their Automotive High-Performance paint. This option features an oil-based, fast-drying paint that will give your wheels a distinct finish.

It can cover up to eight square meters of material and thrives at preventing rust buildup. However, finding the right color for your car can be difficult. Some users also report that it leaves their wheels looking rough and uneven.

Premium Auto Painting in Tucson

Not sure what paint to use on alloy wheels? Our team at Cutting Edge Collision Repair can help you decide. We provide Tucson, AZ, car owners with premium auto painting services; we know all about the types of auto paint and will work with you to bring your car’s wheels back to life.

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