Vehicles with standard paint jobs are common, but many people want something that makes their car stand out. If you want a unique car, compare the options of a car wrap vs. paint. 

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Car Wrap

Car wraps (also known as vinyl vehicle wraps) are decals that cover a car’s natural paint. Auto experts use heat treatments to seal these wraps to the car body. They’re temporary and come off cleanly when the time comes.

Wraps are popular because they come in a wide variety of textures, colors, and designs. For example, high-quality wraps include gradients, matte finishes, and other designs. You can also choose to wrap your entire vehicle or just a few panels.

Full car wraps cost between $2,500 and $5,000, but partial wraps may be cheaper. It also costs about $500 to remove the wrap. 

Wrap jobs only take a few days to apply, and they can last between two and ten years. You need to keep the vehicle clean, but you won’t have to wax it.

Unfortunately, wraps don’t work as well on damaged vehicles. Any dents or dings can ruin the application process. Therefore, you may need to spend money on vehicle repairs before you invest in a wrap. These outer layers can also rip and fade over time.

Car Paint

If you’re looking for a more permanent option, you can choose a paint job instead. Properly applied car paint can last a lifetime as long as it’s well-maintained.

However, painting takes much longer than wrapping. This is because the vehicle requires cleaning, degreasing, and sanding. When you factor in the necessary time for painting and curing, the process often takes a week or more.

Car wraps and paint jobs have similar pricing on the upper end. Amateur paint jobs with cheap materials cost around $500, while high-quality paint and labor costs might run $5,000 or more.

As a downside, there’s not as much customization for paint jobs. You are usually limited to one or two colors. If you change their mind, you’ll have to repeat the whole process to repaint the vehicle.

You may need to restore car paint after UV damage, road salt, and poor maintenance, which can also shorten the paint’s lifespan. Although vehicular paint is hardier than wraps, it can still chip and fade.

Car Wrap vs. Paint Job

As you make your decision between car wraps and paint, consider the long-term results of each process.

Paint jobs are the best permanent solution. If you invest the necessary time, money, and effort, a high-quality paint job can last a lifetime. 

On the other hand, wraps are better for stylistic expression or business promotions. They’re popular options because they’re not a permanent commitment.

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