Personalizing your vehicle with a vinyl wrap is a great way to stand out while cruising the streets of Tucson. Whether you’re considering investing in a vinyl wrap to promote your business or make your vehicle look unique, you probably wonder, “Can you wrap a car with dents?”

Although it’s possible to wrap any vehicle, even one with dents, it’s not always advisable. Here, Cutting Edge Collision Center, Tucson’s expert paintless dent repair service, explains why it’s better to repair dents before transforming a car or truck with vinyl. You can also call us at (520) 339-6901 to learn more about vinyl wrapping and other auto body services. 

What To Know About Wrapping a Dented Car 

If you were to walk around your vehicle right now and inspect it closely, chances are you’d find at least a few dents, dings, or scratches. In most cases, minor cosmetic damage has nothing to do with driving safely and results from normal wear and tear due to road debris, shopping cart collisions, and weather.

Because vehicle wraps cling to the car’s surface and accentuate its contours, they can make minor surface damage more visible. Covering dents with vinyl wrap can also affect the durability of the wrap. Putting vinyl over a dent creates air pockets that prevent it from adhering properly, which can ultimately cause unsightly bubbling, tearing, and peeling.

Therefore, while the answer to “Can you wrap a car with dents?” is technically yes, it’s better to invest in dent repair beforehand. 

Ensure a Long-Lasting Finish With Dent Repair 

Vehicle owners can ensure they get the desired look and a long-lasting finish by investing in high-quality wrapping material and repairing dents beforehand for a smooth, unblemished surface. A vinyl wrap might temporarily disguise a minor dent or ding but doesn’t address the underlying damage. 

A qualified technician can evaluate the damage to determine the best way to repair the dents before proceeding with the wrap. Depending on the size, depth, and extent of the damage, you have several options.

Paintless Dent Repair 

This is a relatively inexpensive way to deal with the damage. The technician uses specialized tools to remove the dent from the inside out, restoring a smooth finish without the need to repaint. 

Filling the Dent 

If the ding is small and shallow, it may be possible to fill it with paint to smooth the surface for the wrap. Technicians can also plug deeper or larger dents with fill and sand them down before wrapping the car. 

Collision Repair 

Before applying a wrap, any damage beyond a surface imperfection needs traditional autobody work and painting. 

Learn More About Dent Repair From the Team at Cutting Edge Collision Center

So, can you wrap a car with dents? Yes, but why would you when you have the experts at Cutting Edge Collision Center to fix them? Tucson, AZ, drivers rely on our team to repair all types of car dents, so call (520) 339-6901 to schedule an appointment for flawless pre-wrap dent repair.