You already know that there is an endless array of different car dent varieties that your vehicle can pick up. 

To clear up any confusion about the types of car dents, here are a few common car dent classifications from Cutting Edge Collision Center. The team offers paintless dent repair in Tucson and many other services to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Your Vehicle’s Bumps, Dents, and Scratches Can’t Wait

It’s a cringe-worthy feeling when you bump a vehicle and know that it is inevitable you’ll see a dent as you climb out to inspect the damage. If you know about the types of car dents, you’ll also know what to do about the one you’ve just made on your otherwise flawless vehicle.

Even if you don’t know how it happened, understanding car dent classifications is helpful for your mechanic’s repair work, too.

A Quick Car Dent Classification Guide

When it comes to car dent categories, understanding a bit about each one can help you reverse engineer the cause on all varieties of auto body dents.

Creased Dents

Creased dents are long, oblong-shaped dents, often after impact and drag. 

Let’s say an object or person presses and then drags an object along the side of your car. The result is a creased dent. Tree branches, walls, poles, and vandals do this, as well.

Sharp Dents

Sharp dents get their name from the impact they cause, which is, well, sharp. 

Something that stabs makes these dents, whether that’s another car door, a stone, or the pointy end of a runaway shopping cart. This dent might be relatively small, but it will be deep. It takes more than a simple pull to fix it.

Round Dents

Round dents are circular indents.

Often, these dents come from hail, golf balls, or similar round objects striking your car. Being relatively uniform and large, these dents are easier to fix. Some people even manage to pull out small round dents at home using hot water and a plunger.

Multi-Point or Extreme Dents

Finally, of all the types of car dents, you’ll want to try to avoid multi-point dents. These extreme dents are the most complex to fix, as they don’t conform to a shape or pattern. 

The impact will likely be due to an animal or otherwise unusual strike. Multiple strike points are tough to get rid of. Don’t wait too long to get professional help for this one.

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Scratch and dent repair services are reliable after unexpected events. While you can’t predict a vehicle accident, having a reliable service ready to go makes a big difference. 

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