When you notice oxidation forming on your car, you might feel a sense of dread. Few things look worse on a cherished vehicle than an aging, flaking coat of paint coupled with dull, patchy areas that slowly spread further across the vehicle’s surface. Seeing this damage will make you turn to guides about how to remove oxidation from car paint.

Fortunately, our auto painting experts in Tucson have the skills, products, and tools to get your automobile shining again. Call 520-339-6901 to learn about cosmetic services from Cutting Edge Collision Center.  

Why Does Oxidation Form?

First, you should understand why heavy oxidation develops. Paint, like most other materials, slowly breaks down and loses its integrity over time. Outdoor elements like the following slowly degrade paint:

  • Sunlight
  • Evaporation
  • Heat
  • Oxygen 

As the paint degrades, it loses the oils that make the formula protect the car’s surface and keep it shiny. But oxidation causes far more than simple cosmetic damage. 

How Oxidation Affects Your Vehicle

As the paint oxidizes, it becomes thinner and thinner. Paint doesn’t just make a vehicle look nice; it also protects the body of the vehicle. So when the paint oxidizes, it makes the metal framework vulnerable to harsh elements as well. 

Once the thinning paint exposes the vehicle’s body, the body becomes susceptible to rust. Rust gradually corrodes the vehicle’s body, making it weaker and weaker each day. Understanding how to remove oxidation from car paint and prevent it from happening in the first place preserves your automobile’s beauty and longevity. 

How to Remove Oxidation from Car Paint

To remove oxidation, we start by washing your car thoroughly. We’ll rinse all dirt, grime, and debris on your car’s surface away. Next, we use a clay bar to remove damaged paint around the oxidized areas. Our team uses care to ensure that undamaged paint remains in place.

Next, we polish your car with a top-notch polishing product. We often start with a more abrasive product to get rid of any remaining damaged paint. Our team uses an electric polisher to get the best, most precise results.

The final step in removing oxidation involves a finishing polish. Vehicles with mild to moderate oxidation typically look as good as new.  

Oxidation Prevention

Prevent oxidation from corroding your paint job by reducing your car’s exposure to the elements and regularly washing and polishing your car. If you have a garage, start parking your car inside to keep it safe. Otherwise, try a car cover.

Most cars need washing and polishing at least every three to four months. A quality car shampoo will remove excess dirt that might wedge into damaged paint areas. A polish will keep the paint conditioned for weeks. 

Ask Cutting Edge Collision Center About Oxidation Removal and Other Services

Car care requires a thorough understanding of how different materials and formulas work with your car. This includes various types of auto paint and their maintenance requirements. If you want to keep your car looking fresh but don’t know how to remove oxidation from car paint, call 520-339-6901 for services from Cutting Edge Collision Center.