Do you see oddly shaped damage to your car’s paint? You’re probably wondering, “Can acid rain damage car paint?” Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about acid rain and your car, including how to prevent the damage.

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What Is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is a broad term for any atmospheric mixture of wet material and dry substances not natural to the liquid. To qualify as acid rain, the mixture must have higher than normal concentrations of nitric acid and sulfuric acid. The high level of hydrogen ions in the rain makes it acidic (a low pH level), which can damage your car but won’t burn your skin.

Acid rain includes all forms of precipitation, such as rain, snow, and dew.  

How Acid Rain Damages Car Paint

Can acid rain damage car paint? Yes, in several ways.

The most common problems occur after evaporation when the acidic material stays behind. At best, this leaves water marks on your car, which you can remove by washing it with a solution of vinegar and distilled water. Remove watermarks promptly to avoid more serious damage to your car.

If not quickly removed, the acid left behind on your car can weaken or eat into your paint job and even the metal. The damage can even affect the integrity of your windshield, grill, and headlights. You can identify acid rain damage by the irregularly shaped etchings and the corrosion it leaves on the body of your car.

If you need new paint after acid rain damage, avoid doing the job yourself. Evidence shows that, because of the hazards of car painting, only a professional with the right equipment and training should do it.

Protecting Your Paint From Acid Raid

Fortunately, you can protect your car from acid rain using two reliable habits.

Wash and Wax Frequently

Wash your car frequently, especially after it rains or snows, to remove the harmful particles. Instead of letting the car slowly air dry, use either a heavy air blower or dry it by hand. Wax also provides an extra layer of protection for your paint.

Keep It Inside

The most effective way to prevent acid rain from damaging your car is to keep it inside. Whether it’s a parking ramp or your own garage, a roof over the car means acid rain can’t hurt it.

If you don’t have access to a garage, consider purchasing a car cover. Even if you’re vigilant about protecting your car from rain, sometimes it’s not enough. 

Let Cutting Edge Collision Center Restore Your Damaged Paint

Can acid rain damage car paint? Yes, but fortunately, Cutting Edge Collision Center can make your paint look like new. Whether you need to remove oxidation on car paint or restore your paint after a fender bender, we provide expert service for every job. 

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