Car enthusiasts have been around for over a century. Many auto hobbyists appreciate classic cars’ beauty, exclusivity, and value. Restoring cars can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, but restoration projects are far more extensive than they seem.

Attempting to restore your car by yourself can quickly become overwhelming the further you progress. Serving Arizona since 2004, Cutting Edge Collision Center, our I-CAR Gold Class Certified car restoration company in Tucson, has the knowledge, experience, and latest technology to help bring your beloved car back to its prime.

Most Common Mistakes When Restoring Cars and Their Effects

Common mistakes when restoring cars vary in severity. A mistake may affect the quality of work or even be dangerous and cost you hundreds of dollars, especially when dealing with classic car restoration.

1. Not Having a Plan

Researching to have a complete understanding of the requirements eliminates this problem.

2. Rebuilding the Engine Too Early

Rebuilding the engine too early in the process means it will collect dust and limit your overall budget from the start, which can affect other parts of the restoration, such as the bodywork and paint job.

3. Purchasing Parts Too Early

Stocking up on supplies may seem like a good idea, but it can be a costly mistake. Having an excess of parts when you don’t need them right away can lead to damaged or even lost parts.

4. Using Unsafe Support Systems

When doing a DIY restoration, never use unsafe equipment to support the car, including anything from milk crates to cheap store box jacks. Not only is this dangerous for the person working on the restoration, but it may also damage the vehicle.

5. Cutting Costs on Metalwork and Paint

When it’s time to repair the metalwork and repaint, try not to skimp. Take the time to remove the body panels, quarter panels, dashboards, kick panels, and roof, even though this requires special tools and skills.

6. Losing Focus

Bouncing from one task to another wastes time while accomplishing very little overall on each task itself. Setting goals and sticking to them will help keep your restoration on track.

7. Not Admitting Mistakes

It is normal, and almost always expected, to make a mistake or two! Calling in professionals to help, even if just with portions of the restoration, is always advised.

Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

Another mistake many car enthusiasts make is not doing due diligence to find the right body shop to help. Learn how to choose your body shop by researching the reputation and reading reviews when choosing a shop to help with your restoration projects. Having a solid grasp of the quality of work, cost of restoration, and the average time of completion are all crucial aspects to know to avoid common mistakes when restoring cars.

Our team of experts at Cutting Edge Collision Center offers a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. We offer elite services such as customizable painting, including graphics and airbrushing, and an advanced paint-match system. We also work with all insurance companies for insurance repairs.

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