Regardless of rising temperatures and gas prices, Americans love hitting the open road during the summer. Traveling for vacations and holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day packs highways with cars. However, car problems resulting from improper vehicle care and maintenance can interrupt any plan.

From a drop in fuel efficiency to a full-on, side-of-the-road car breakdown, extreme heat and long drives can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Unexpected vehicle failure while on the road may cause accidents, requiring expert collision repair by Cutting Edge Collision Center in Tucson. Follow these tips to achieve the ideal summer vehicle care and maintenance.

Check Your Tires

Your car’s tires require constant maintenance to ensure the best and safest performance. Over-inflated tires have reduced contact with the road and less friction, making it much more difficult to handle road hazards while driving. Under-inflated tires subjected to too much constant heat and pressure may burst.

Worn-down tire tread also contributes to how well your tires meet the ground. Tires rely on a good, thick tread to keep a grip on the road during all types of weather. Without it, the car can move more erratically than expected.

Car owners can use the penny test to see if their tread remains thick enough. Take a penny and stick it in the tread; if Lincoln’s head disappears, your tires don’t need replacement. If still unsure about the quality of your tires, consult your local service shop before traveling long distances.

Check Your Fluids

An essential step in summer vehicle care and maintenance is ensuring that your car’s brake, transmission fluid, and motor oil won’t dry up while traveling. An automotive shop can check your oil levels and replace your oil filter. They also check other vital fluids and car parts, including windshield wiper fluid and your air filter.

Check Your Brakes

Your vehicle brakes help you safely execute turns, slow down when traveling too quickly, and stop on a dime. If your brakes show any of these signs, check your brake fluid and brake pads:

  • Your brake pedal resists your attempt to stop your car
  • Your brake pedal feels squishy
  • The pedal rests lower or higher than usual
  • An indication or warning light comes on in your dash

A squealing brake may not necessarily warn you of brake problems. If the squealing or squeaking turns into a scraping or grinding sound, though, visit your local auto shop for replacement brakes.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Sudden summer thunderstorms require you to have the best view possible. Driving with bad wiper blades increases the possibility of an accident. Save time, money, and anxiety by replacing your wiper blades as soon as they break down.

Enjoy Safe Summer Travels With the Right Vehicle Care and Maintenance

Make every road trip memorable with a well-maintained car. These tips for summer vehicle care and maintenance help you keep your car in the best condition possible no matter how far you drive. 

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