What is auto paint correction, and does your car need it? 

A brand-new car is a sight to behold with its pristine interior and sparkling factory coat of paint. Over time, though, cracks and swirls form in the paintwork, making you wish you could get back that “new car” look the vehicle once had. 

As a top auto painting shop in Tucson, Cutting Edge Collision Center discusses one solution that’s worth a look: auto paint correction.

Why Car Paint Degrades

Typically, modern car paint consists of acrylic enamel with a polyurethane top coat. Although these materials are strong and highly resistant, driving and road hazards still wear them down. 

Car paint also becomes less resistant as it ages. You’ll notice small scratches and nicks eroding the integrity of the paint layer, causing chips and cracks along the length of your car. Ongoing degradation also causes noticeable swirls and blotches to form.

Understanding Automotive Paint Restoration

If your car has “spiderwebs” and other splotches on its paintwork, there is an easy solution! Paint correction is a special process that auto body shops employ to remove those small but stubborn imperfections in your car’s acrylic and clear top coats.

When performing paint correction, an auto mechanic will use a cutting compound and microfiber pad. They’ll remove the very top layer of the clear coat. That way, they’ll remove and even out imperfections.

Auto Paint Correction Explained

What is auto paint correction? The process depends on the paint damage. 

For example, with small scratches and swirls, you may only have to use a single application of cutting compound. For larger imperfections, the team may use a more abrasive polishing material and have to perform several passes. 

Whether the job is small or large, the essential steps in auto paint restoration cover the following:

  • Wash and polish the car to remove dust and dirt from the exterior. 
  • Apply the special cutting compound.
  • Begin leveling the surface with a microfiber polishing tool. 
  • After removing the imperfections, apply a layer of polish to remove any smaller imperfections.

That’s all it takes for a brand-new auto paint aesthetic!

Paint Correction FAQ

If you have questions about auto paint correction, we’ve got answers. 

Can I Perform Auto Paint Correction on My Own?

Yes, there are several DIY techniques for paint correction. However, we recommend hiring an auto repair expert for flawless results that won’t diminish your car’s resale value. 

How Long Does Auto Paint Correction Take?

It depends on the extent of the damage, but auto paint correction usually takes about 12 to 24 hours to complete.

Is Auto Paint Correction Removing Top Coat?

Yes, auto paint correction does remove some top coat. That is why mechanics often add an additional layer of clear coat protection after the correction process. 

Auto Paint Correction in Tucson

So, what is auto paint correction going to look like for your type of vehicle? Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of car paint correction and paint protection film. Otherwise, contact Cutting Edge Collision Center at (520) 339-6901 to schedule your professional auto paint refinishing!