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After an accident, when it comes to repairing your car in a garage, the most commonly popped question in your mind remains, “how long will the repair take?”. This question might seem pretty straightforward to anyone, but the truth is that even small repairs could have lots of variables to take into account. All these repairs together greatly influence the time for the repair to get completed.

For these very reasons, most shops will fail to give you an answer to this question. We understand that you want your car to be in and out as soon as possible, but there are some set of procedures that are to be followed.

How Long Is a Typical Bumper Repair?

As already mentioned, there are a set of processes any shop would abide by to give you an estimated time frame for repairing your car for every fix.

In the first place, the shop will have to know which parts it needs from the insurance company footing the bill. It might also sometimes happen that the bumper type required for a particular car model might be out of stock at the dealership. Conventionally, bumper repair takes not more than 3 days, and sometimes if the repair is small this time can reduce to a day too. 

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Repairing and Replacing a Bumper – The Complete Process

The process involves removing the bumper cover from the car. After we detach the bumper, any imperfections are removed or sanded down for a smoother surface.

After the removal of all imperfections, the technicians begin with the painting process. Only after the paint has been dried completely it becomes finally safe to handle, the number is then reinstalled on the car. It takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours for the painting to completely dry. And therefore the painting and curing process probably takes the longest.

Once this process is complete the car is thoroughly cleaned and then sent on its way back!

You might be wondering why your car needs to be in the shop for three full days? It takes full three days because if the bumper has been damaged enough to require replacing, we’ll have to order a new one. The delivery of the new bumper cover usually takes one day. And once the bumper is received, we start with the same process as mentioned above.

How Much Does it Cost for a Typical Bumper Repair?

How Much Does it Cost for a Typical Bumper Repair?The cost of repairing a bumper depends on the extent of damage caused by the accident. On average, it takes about $500 to $600 for normal damage. Bumper replacement can cost you over $1000. This may vary, as every model is different from the other.

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Three Main Factors Affecting the Speed of Your Bumper Repair

The Auto Repair Shop You Pick

Now, this is obvious, one of the main factors in the speed of bumper repairs has everything to do with the work. How busy is the repair shop that you chose? Are the mechanics there ASE-certified? Keeping these questions in mind, it is always advisable that you do a bit of research and only then choose a particular repair shop.

Extent of Damage

It is very well understood that the bigger the problem, the longer it will take to fix it. If you know that the damage is severe, it might take a few days to fix it. And if you cannot carry along without a car, ask your auto repair shop if they can help. Most shops lend their cars for free if in case you need them.

Type of Car

Even the type of car determines the speed of an auto repair. If your car’s replacement parts are not readily available, this might enhance the repairing time. Auto repair shops always keep many high-wear parts in stock and order others from an established supplier. But if you drive an exotic, seldomly seen, imported car, arranging for parts might not be that easy. You will surely suffer from delays.

Frequently Asked QuestionsPeople Also Ask:

Can you drive with a damaged bumper?

You can drive with a damaged bumper, but that is something not at all advisable. Bumpers are essential for your safety, and they could help save your life someday. For this reason, it is recommended to get bumpers repaired as soon as you witness any damage.

Is it illegal to drive without a bumper cover?

It is a fact that driving without bumpers is an illegal act. According to NSW Roads & Maritime Services’ guidelines, front and rear bumpers positioned at the right heights are a part of minimum design features. They help safeguard your traveling in the vehicle in the event of a collision.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a damaged bumper?

Repairing would be cheaper only if the damage caused is not significant. If the bumper has a more considerable dent, then fixing it would be time-consuming or even impossible. Restoring a more considerable dent would be, therefore, a less economical choice than bumper replacement.

It is also important to remember that large dents will not retain the original strength and integrity of your bumper.


Estimating the time for a bumper repair has always been a headache for people since many factors influence the amount of time needed for bumper repairs. Even the cost of bumper repair can highly vary depending upon various factors. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose a trusted repair shop.

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