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Marine Repair & Custom Paint, Including Boat Restoration

Who says we can’t enjoy the water right here in the desert? Cutting Edge is one of the very few boat body shops in Tucson offering: custom paint, repair, and restoration for boats, jet skis, marine vehicles, and other maritime toys. Our harsh sun likes to take the brilliance out of your paint. Years of waves and sand may have built up residue or broken down protective coats. Before the warm weather is in full swing give your floating paradise a fresh look.

Call us for Marine Repair or Boat restoration to get back in the water!

It’s that time of year! Turn heads and wow your friends by turning your old boat into a sparkling marine machine with professional marine repair treatment by Cutting Edge. Our team will carefully remove any chipped, cracked or faded paint that exists on the surface of your boat by sanding and blasting it away, leaving a blank, slightly porous surface. From there we can add layer after layer of specialized paint to capture the exact color, sheen, and style you have envisioned. We can create custom designs or pinstriping. Finally, we will apply a durable coating that is specially designed to withstand the rugged environment your vehicle will naturally be exposed to.

Marine Repair Questions People Also Asked

How will fiberglass on a boat be repaired?

When we begin the process of fixing any fiberglass we’ll start with filling any deep gouges. In the next step, we’ll begin to sand out any scratches as the filler sets up. We’ll apply a gel coat to fill gouges and finish the scratches. Once that’s done we’ll sand down all of the filled gouges. To finish the process we’ll buff all of the repaired areas and the rest of the boat. 

What's the average cost to repair gelcoat on a boat?

The price to correct this can vary on the level of damage on the surface. However, on average you can expect to pay from $75 to $110 per hour. 

What is the cost of marine repair for a boat's transom?

When the damage is severe enough, the transom may need to be replaced. If this is the case you can expect to pay between $2,000 – $5,000. This will depend on the size of the boat. 

What causes soft spots on boats?

A soft spot on a boat is usually due to the foam beneath the fiberglass deck getting compressed. the fiberglass itself will pop back into place but the foam will remain compressed. Heavy impact can be a cause for this to begin in the first place. 

Happy Customers

“I had asked Hegarty insurance to recommend a reliable shop to go too as I had several outstanding issues. Jenny and Mike could not of been more welcoming, detailed, professional, timely and above all trustworthy. This isn’t just the best Garage/repair shop experience I have had it’s one of the best experience I have had with any business. Highly recommended 10 out of 10.”

Terrence Heflin-Connolly

We had a traumatic accident with our motorhome while traveling in Texas. Fortunately it was drivable and we eventually got back to our lot near Tucson. After much research, we decided on Cutting Edge for our repair, and we are glad we did! They were professional thoughout the whole process. Everything was explained clearly, we felt truly looked after, and our RV came out looking like new! They are great people to work with and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final result. Check out the before and after photos. Highly recommend!

Richard Offutt

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