Marine Vehicle Repair & Custom Paint, Including Boat Restoration

Who says we can’t enjoy the water right here in the desert? Cutting Edge is one of the very few boat body shop offering custom paint, repair, and restoration for boats, jet skis, marine vehicles and other maritime toys. Our harsh sun likes to take the brilliance out of your paint. Years of waves and sand may have built up residue or broken down protective coats. Before the warm weather is in full swing give your floating paradise a fresh look.

It’s that time of year! Turn heads and wow your friends by turning your old boat into a sparkling marine machine with a professional treatment by Cutting Edge. Our team will carefully remove any chipped, cracked or faded paint that exists on the surface of your boat by sanding and blasting it away, leaving a blank, slightly porous surface. From there we can add layer after layer of specialized paint to capture the exact color, sheen and style you have envisioned. We can create custom designs or pinstriping. Finally, we will apply a durable coating that is specially designed to withstand the rugged environment your vehicle will naturally be exposed to.

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