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Cutting Edge spares no details when restoring an automobile. In order to properly restore a vehicle to its original condition, it must be stripped right down to the bare metal. To accomplish this, we “blast” it using crushed walnut shell for the blast media. This product has no negative effect on the environment. By completely removing the old finish, we can start from scratch and assure that the new finish is applied correctly, allowing us the confidence to warranty our work for as long as you own the vehicle.

Many do not realize that when a vehicle is restored, the body must be completely taken apart and put back together two to three times. This allows us to paint all of the intricate areas, such as the floorboards, the inside of the doors, etc. Taking the vehicle apart and putting it back together also allows us to match up the joints and seams where panel meets panel. When we restore a vehicle, we assure that it leaves our shop in the same, if not better, condition than it originally left the factory. Learn More

From Auto body to Collision Repair, Cutting Edge does it all!


At Cutting Edge, we work with all of the insurance companies to make sure that when you are involved in an accident, the transition and repair is seamless. When you are involved in a collision, the insurance company will make recommendations to certain shops with which they are familiar. By working with these auto body shops, they don’t need to send an adjuster out to assess the damage because the shop is very familiar with how they operate. However, the reality is that you can choose whatever shop you wish to utilize, and the insurance company is obligated to send out an adjuster and provide all the necessary forms to complete the coverage.

Cutting Edge is a small, independently owned shop. We are not a large conglomerate with multiple locations, so it is critically important to us that every repair we make is of the highest quality and workmanship, so that our good reputation precedes us. We work in a cooperative fashion with both the vehicle owners and the insurance companies to assure that they are both happy with the outcome of the repairs. Learn More


We provide prompt, hassle free solutions to body & paint repair needs.

  • Over 6 years experience repairing RV’s for some of Tucson’s largest RV Dealers and their valued customers.
  • Offering 2 repair locations for your convenience.
  • Fiberglass repair & manufacturing of aluminum panels.
  • Short repair times
  • Work with ALL insurance companies
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At Cutting Edge, we know that your eighteen-wheeler is your billboard. It's like one giant business card rolling down the road. The condition of the rig says a lot about the company and the driver. When collision damage occurs, or if the rig begins to show wear and tear, it's time to give us a call. Whether it requires minor repairs or complete restoration, we can make your rig look new again, and you will once again ride with pride!

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Our state-of-the-art facility and high tech equipment, combined with the skill that only experience and a talented eye can achieve, makes Cutting Edge the logical choice for your custom paint and bodywork. Our finishing experts are the best in the Tucson area. We work on every vehicle that comes into the shop as though it were our own, taking a great deal of pride in the finished product. We set the bar for getting the job done right … the first time!

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In the interest of our customers’ financial well being, we want you to know the truth about dents and dings. If there is a damage to your vehicle’s exterior that is less than the size of a quarter, and the metal is not creased or folded, then you would be better off to seek the services of a paint-less dent repair specialist. However, if the dent needs metal work, then Cutting Edge is the place to come. We will repair the area and paint over it to make it as good as new. Precisely matching the color of a new paint job to an existing paint that has been sitting in the weather for years can be difficult. Even the minute details like the pressure of the paint gun can cause variations of color shades.

For this reason, just painting the panel that is damaged will not suffice. The adjacent panels should painted as well, utilizing a blending effect to mask the fact that repairs have recently been made. When it comes to scratches in your vehicle’s exterior finish, there is a little trick to determining if the scratch can be buffed out or if you need to repaint the area. If you run your fingernail over the damaged area and it catches in the scratch, most likely you will need to have the area repainted, and we will be happy to do it. If your fingernail glides over the area without catching, there is about a 90% chance that it can be buffed out

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