Are you ready to restore your car to its former glory with a new paint job? Whether you need a touch-up job after an accident or you just want a fresh coat of paint, you need to find a trusted auto body painter to complete the job.

From choosing the right automotive technician to determining the best paint materials, take a look at the top four automotive paint questions you should ask before scheduling service.

1. Will You Repaint My Entire Car or Touch Up a Few Spots?

It’s imperative to decide early on in the process whether you’re going to change the color of your car or simply fix a few scraped or rusted spots. Opting for a complete color change is a big project that will take significant time and labor, which means a higher project cost. Ask the auto body shop if they will repaint the whole car and how long the project will take.

Remember, if you opt for a brand new color, choose a new paint color that matches your car’s accents, interior, and other features.

2. Do You Offer a Warranty on the New Paint Job?

Most reputable auto body shops offer a warranty on their paintwork that protects against premature fading, peeling, and cracking. Warranties can last anywhere between a year to the rest of your car’s life. When asking automotive paint questions, be sure to check if the shop offers a warranty and how long it lasts.

If a shop doesn’t offer any warranty on their work, this is a red flag. Warranties offer some protection against cheap and shoddy paint jobs. Auto painting in Tucson by Cutting Edge Collision Center comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. How Long Will the New Paint Finish Last?

How long your new paint job lasts is a crucial factor to consider when repainting your car. Generally, a good paint job should last between 10 to 15 years, depending on the climate and how well you maintain it. 

When choosing an auto body shop, look for one that uses high-quality paint, materials, and techniques to ensure that your new paint color bonds to your car’s body securely. From applying the primer surfacer to the final clearcoat, the auto body shop should be able to explain their process to you.

Wet sanding is an advanced technique to remove old paint and create a smooth surface to apply the new paint. After applying the paint, technicians color sand the surface. This process buffs the new paint (without removing it) before adding the clearcoat to create a scratch-resistant finish.

Trust the Reliable Painters at Cutting Edge Collision Repair Center

Having your vehicle professionally repainted is a big investment. A good technician will explain the process to you, provide a ballpark estimate, and answer all of your automotive paint questions.

Can you paint your vehicle yourself? There are many reasons why you shouldn’t DIY auto body repair or restoration work. A do-it-yourself auto painting project may sound fun, but leave the job to our skilled technicians if you want professional results.

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