Many car owners feel tempted to perform DIY (do-it-yourself) repairs to save money. Unfortunately, DIY auto body repair often ends up causing additional damage to your vehicle.

Fortunately, our team at Cutting Edge Collision Center can help. Read on for the top five reasons why you should never attempt DIY auto body repair, then give us a call at 520-339-6901 to schedule an appointment at our Tucson auto body repair shop.

1. Lack of Equipment

Professional auto body repair shops have the equipment to handle dent repair jobs, significant structural damage, and ruined paint. Unfortunately, most people do not have the necessary equipment on hand to complete DIY auto body repair.

You may try to go out and buy the equipment to fix your paint job or a dent in your car, but paint, spray guns, body filler, and other items can get expensive, quickly raising the cost to fix your vehicle. Further, you generally cannot purchase professional-grade tools, preventing you from achieving a flawless result.

2. DIY Repairs Come with Health Concerns

In some cases, attempting DIY repairs can become dangerous. Repair shops have the lifts and tools needed to safely raise your vehicle into the air. Attempting these tasks in your garage puts you and your vehicle at risk.

Car repair professionals also have the right protective gear to handle repair jobs. For example, they have professional-grade respirators that filter out contaminants like:

  • Resin fumes
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Paint fumes

Attempting to use auto body repair products without the appropriate safety gear puts your health at risk.

3. DIY Repairs Take Time

Before you decide to try a DIY repair, consider the value of your time. Car repair professionals have the experience and training they need to repair your vehicle quickly and effectively. However, if you attempt repairs, you may spend hours searching for step-by-step directions and how-to guides before repeating tasks to ensure that you achieve the desired outcome.

We understand the appeal of saving money on repairs. However, in the end, it may cost you more and cut into the time you could spend doing something you enjoy.

4. Professional Repairs Generally Look Better

Professional body repair services aim to return your vehicle to better-than-new condition. Car repair experts have the training and equipment to make it look like your car never sustained damage at all. Achieving the same result on your own is much more complicated and, in some cases, impossible.

5. DIY Repairs Often Cause More Damage

Do you know exactly how your vehicle works? Some car owners make changes or adjustments when performing DIY repairs, only to realize they caused an additional problem. They often end up taking their vehicle to the professionals to undo this damage.

Let Us Take Care of Your Auto Body Repair in Tucson

While we admire your enthusiasm for DIY auto body repairs, we highly recommend turning to the professional instead. Our team at Cutting Edge Collision Center has the tools, experience, and training needed to handle repairs of all kinds in Tucson, AZ.

Learn more about auto body repair services and set up an appointment today by calling us at 520-339-6901.