Cutting Edge, a Tucson auto body repair shop, is a leader in the auto restoration and repair industry. As a leader, we must set the bar for all of the other Tucson shops. In this day and age, it is difficult to see a business succeeding without a proper website.

We at Cutting Edge are very proud of our bodywork website, and what it offers our customers, as well as what it offers us as a business.

It didn’t take Cutting Edge long to realize the value of a good website. We are aware that nearly 90% of all people looking for bodywork will search the Internet. We are also aware that at least 95% of all the people in the U.S. feel like a business is not reputable unless they have and maintain a decent website. If you own a business and have no website, you’d better hope that your customer base is made up of the 5% that are non-technical.

Here are the main reasons why we at Cutting Edge have a website:

Affordability of Advertising: Compared to other media forms, having a website and maintaining it is less expensive and can produce more quality leads, in comparison to the other advertising methods. The Internet has proven to be a definite leader when it comes to cost on a per response basis.

With our website, we can keep all of our information up to date by adding new content on a regular basis. This also helps our site to stay new and fresh through the eyes of our customers. Granted that just because a business is using one particular form of advertising, does not mean that they have to banish all other forms of advertising. There are still strong advantages to media forms such as Print, radio, TV and direct mail advertising. They all become much more effective with a good website in the mix.

Here are three reasons why we have a webpage at Cutting Edge:

Accessibility: The Internet allows body shops to go beyond geographical boundaries to become accessible to anyone who has an Internet connection. In addition, customers rarely get lost anymore trying to find us, as the navigational sites like Google Maps or MapQuest easily guide them right to us.

At a glance at our site, potential customers will know that we can do what they need to be done to get their vehicle back to the condition they want. Modes of advertisements that do not involve the Internet have become rather obsolete; things like the Yellow Pages and other phone directories. Before the Internet, businesses would move, they would have to wait for the following year’s Yellow Pages to be released before they could revise their ad and let the public know of their new address. With a website, you can change your address every day of the week if that is what you desire.

Customer Convenience: Having an effective website enables a great deal of convenience for our customers. All our potential clients have to do is go to our webpage and browse the information or products they are searching for. They no longer have to get into a car and drive to each place to discuss it with them. Our site can be accessed by anyone in the comfort of their home, which saves a great deal of time and money to the shopper.

For more information on Cutting Edge’s website, or current trends in the auto body repair industry visit Cutting Edge Refinishing online at