Cutting Edge, a Tucson auto body shop, is a leader in the auto body repair industry. We are always looking out for the well being of our customers. Any time we see a need to put out an advisory; we do so right away to help assure the safety of drivers everywhere.

The hot summer sun can make the asphalt temperature soar as high as 150-200 degrees, especially in hotter climates such as the home base of Cutting Edge, Tucson, Arizona. With this in mind, we want to remind our big rig operating customers and RV owners that these increased temperatures can cause havoc with the condition of the tires on their trucks and RVs. High temperatures is one of the main causes for big rig tire blowout, which can be very damaging to the truck, and in more severe cases, to people as well. As a courtesy, Cutting Edge is reminding drivers to check the air pressure in their tires before hitting the open highway.

Cutting Edge has repaired many big rigs that have been damaged from blowouts. Some of the reasons for these blowouts are:

  • Extreme highway temperatures
  • Exceedingly heavy cargo loads
  • Improper tire inflation
  • Tread worn thin
  • Excessive use of brake pads

Most blowout damage can be avoided if proper measures are taken. A regular safety check of the air pressure, tire condition and alignment should be performed. If a trucker suspects that there is a problem with one of the tires on the rig, the tire should be inspected right away, and any repairs should be made before continuing on.

Another reason for highway blowouts is because of improper tire usage. If the tire has reached its maximum usage and is being operated on tread that does not meet the tread requirement, there is a potential for a blowout. Also, if a mismatch of a different tire is used as a replacement, the tire may not be designed to handle the load and could give way. Mixing radial and bias tires on the same axel can lead to blowouts as well. Blowouts on a big rig can lead to the complete loss of control of a big rig, and could be disastrous in extreme cases. At the least, it can cause extensive body damage to the truck, as the rubber and steel belting pelt against the exterior body.

Cutting Edge also warns truckers about the use of retreads over new tires. While they are cheaper initially when purchasing tires, they can be very costly if they shred on the highway due to lack of stability.

When damage does occur to big rigs or RVs, whether due to tire blowout or collision, Cutting Edge is able to make the needed repairs in a professional, top-of-the-line shop that understands the dynamics of fiberglass repairs. Currently Cutting Edge performs bodywork on big rigs for Inland Kenworth in Tucson, Mack Trucks from Vanguard Commercial Truck in Tucson, and Peterbilts from Rush Truck Center in Tucson.

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