Collision Repair - Two Wrecked VehiclesCollision Repair. Did you know that there are 16,438 car crashes happening per day in the US, resulting in 37,000 deaths every year?

While not all accidents cause serious injury, they can be scary and overwhelming, especially if your car has taken a big hit. The uncertainty of the whole situation can be distressing. But a better understanding of the repair process can help you navigate through the estimate and costs involved.

This article takes you through the repair process, starting with finding a shop to the steps involved, cost incurred, and also touches on the duties of a technician.

Steps Involved in Collision Repair Process

Not all shops follow the same steps, but most of them remain the same. Here are some of the essential services involved in a collision repair process:

  • Estimate: The mechanic inspects the vehicle and puts together the paperwork with the necessary information and photos.
  • Disassembly: In case of extensive repairs, your insurer will request disassembly to check if the vehicle is worth repairing.
  • Repair: With approval from the customer and the insurance company, the mechanic performs the necessary repairs.
  • Paint Prep: The body shop gets all the panels ready for painting by priming and sealing.
  • Reassembly: The final little moldings and pieces are put back, and the vehicle is inspected one last time.
  • Quality Control Inspection: The technician test drives the car to ensure that there are no issues with the repaired parts.
  • Delivery: Before it is delivered, the customers get the final paperwork of the services rendered and the bill.

Key to Finding a Collision Repair Shop

After an accident, you may want to get an estimate from few different auto body shops. It is not surprising if the cost ranges between $500 – $3000. But who do you trust?

Ask around for free estimates before zeroing on one. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right auto body shop:

Word of Mouth Recommendations: Look for recommendations, not the business that advertises their services on the internet and social media like Facebook but those who rely on word of mouth to get their name across. You can also check for reviews about their customer service online.

Certifications: Look for a business that employs certified technicians for their services.

Locations and Overhead: A business located in prime locations will charge you more for their services than in the suburbs. Additionally, more front office professionals will add to more overhead costs, which will affect your bill.

Warranty: While most auto body shops provide at least a 1-year warranty as a part of their services, there are a few who offer a limited lifetime warranty too.

Attention to Detail: When it comes to collision repair, it is the little things that often make or break cars that the experienced professionals should identify.

Towing Service: While it may seem inconsequential in the big picture, a shop with a towing service definitely saves you dollars.

Duties of Collision Repair Technicians

Collision repair technicians repair and restore the vehicle after an accident. They carry out repairs from minor dent repair to paintless dent repair and complete rebuilds if necessary.

Here are some of the services technicians do as a part of their job description:

  • Assess the repair incurred by the vehicle.
  • Use specialist tools to repair and restore the vehicle to its original condition.
  • Touch or paint again if necessary.
  • Perform road tests on the vehicle.

Dealership or Auto Body Shop

Technicians at the dealerships and auto body repair shops are equipped with certifications such as ASE and I-car gold class. However, the professionals at the repair shops have the same if not more training than dealerships. Not all dealerships do collision repair. Few outsource it to repair shops anyway.

Moreover, dealerships are also more expensive than its counterpart. Considering these, auto body shops are a better choice for collision repair.

Cost for Auto Body Repair?

Collision Repair CostDepending on the damage, a collision repair cost can cost anywhere from $75 to $2,500. It can range anywhere from a simple scratch to replacing parts to rebuilding the engine.


Accidents are a traumatizing experience and not always under our control. Most often than not, your vehicle incurs damage that’s outside your control. Understanding the service process helps you gain more in-depth knowledge about the process, which helps you choose the right business.

While insurance companies have auto body shops on their roster, customers also get to make their choice. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, get your FREE estimate by contacting Cutting Edge Collision Center. When we restore a vehicle, we ensure that it leaves our shop in the same, if not better, condition than it originally left the factory!