RV Body Repair SignDid you know that, unlike a car that comes out of a robotic assembly, an RV is probably handmade in manual assembly lines? With so many running parts, it is finicky at best.

With RVs being a pretty significant investment, you want any repairs that arise, especially a collision repair, appropriately done at the right RV collision repair center.

We bring the RV collision repair process, common RV body repairs, and tips to find out the best RV body shop.

RV Collision Repair Process

Understanding the RV collision repair process helps to gain insight and come into grips with the cost involved. Moreover, it helps to set realistic expectations regarding the time frame of RV collision repair services.

  • If you’ve been in an accident, access the damage and take pictures if possible.
  • Contact the authorities and exchange contact and insurance information.
  • Contact a reputable RV body shop for estimates. Remember, these estimates include the visible damage and are likely to change. A copy of the estimate will be sent to the insurance too.
  • Depending on the extent of the repairs, the body shop may decide to disassemble the vehicle. Sometimes this happens at the request of the insurance too.
  • The electronics measuring system analyses every part, to ensure that the RV body repairs align with the factory standards.
  • All the parts will be prepped for the paint job. After the paintwork, the vehicle is then assembled.
  • After a final inspection, your RV would be delivered to you.

Common RV Repairs

While there are many things that can go wrong with an RV, here are the most common repairs and their causes

  • Tire blowout – Temperature fluctuations, improper pressure, and worn out tires
  • Leaky roof – Cracks in Sealant
  • Toilet doesn’t hold water – Bad Gasket
  • Air conditioner doesn’t work – Bad thermostat
  • Dead battery – Drained battery

How Long Does an RV Last?

An RV can last as long as 20 years or 200,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, the life span varies depending on the class and condition of the RV.

RV Body Repair - Technician Working on RVHow Much Does it Cost to Repair an RV?

The cost for an RV repair can be anywhere between $4,000 – $20,000 depending on the repairs and any replacement (if needed). The labor charge is also relatively high at $169 at dealerships and $65 at smaller auto body shops.

Fix a Crack in a Fiberglass Camper

Fixing the fiberglass can be a pretty easy task if it is on the gel coat surface like hairline, stress, and spider cracks. You can repair them quickly with a DIY repair solution. They are generally a one-part, ore-treated sealant.

However, if the structure of the vehicle is compromised, you need to seek the services of an RV body shop.

Choose the Best RV Body Repair Shop

Finding the right RV body repair services is the key to maintaining your RV. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best body shop.

  • Ensure that the RV body shop has plenty of space. RVs are massive and need as much area, especially when it is being repaired.
  • The size of the RV makes it challenging to find a towing company. So, consider it an added benefit if the repair shop has towing services.
  • RVs contain parts that you do not find in your average car. Ensure that the shop you choose has the right tools and equipment.
  • Not all body shops service RVs due to the lack of trained technicians. So, you may want to call ahead and make sure that the body repair shop has experts who can handle your RV.
  • Finally, find a repair shop that works with your insurance company so that you can just focus on getting back on the road.


Be it a simple RV repair, fiberglass repair, roof replacement, or decal replacement, trust the services of trained technicians from a collision repair center. They have the right tools and the equipment to handle a vehicle like an RV. Look for a center that has a free pickup and delivery.

Most importantly, ensure that they give an estimate before starting the repair.

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